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Available Services

Individual Voice Lesson

A voice lesson would include evaluation of the individual’s vocal strengths and weaknesses and formalizing that individuals’ goals for their own personal vocal development. 

Online coaching sessions are available upon request.

Private Coaching Session

A coaching session would be more of a concentration of the music selections that the student presents; perhaps to learn notes and rhythms of the music or working on the language difficulties of the text.  Every students’ experience and course of study is specific to that individual’s music and vocal needs.


30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


Interested in Accompanist Services?


An accompanist fee is based on a specific project or event.  An accompanist's need could range from recording a simple piano track for a solo performance or audition, to recording a full operatic role played through for study and rehearsal purposes. 


An accompanist might also be needed for a musical event like the Michigan School Vocal Music Association’s Solo and Ensemble Festival or accompanying for a full choral concert.  Wherever an accompanist’s piano skills are required, I could be available for that need.  However, because each accompanying event has its own level of difficulty and length of preparation, the fees are not set by time frame like a voice lesson.  Individuals will need to contact me directly to discuss the accompanying need to determine what fees would be required. Feel free to use the contact form below or email:


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